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EACS Vision

EACS Open DoorOur Purpose

To advise and deliver best of breed information technology and services to enable the achievement of our client’s business goals through a culture of partnership.

Our Core Principles

  • Provide customer service above all else.
  • Be recognised as a centre of excellence for the technologies and deployment services we deliver and support.
  • Be respected as a successful and trusted partner for managed IT services, providing opportunities and security for all of us.
  • Improve our environment relative to our increasing performance, facilities, support, events and activities for employees and families.
  • Continue to grow, providing we meet our core principles.
  • EACS staff to enjoy coming to work
    • Customers and Suppliers to enjoy working with us, and value us
    • Do a professional job
    • Operate Professionally

Our View of The Future

  • All businesses we engage with will see the true benefits of the best IT. We believe that no business should be without the technologies and services that help them be the most competitive in their chosen field.
  • We will continuously grow our own employees, their capabilities, responsibilities, performance, satisfaction and reward so they have a place to achieve their maximum potential.

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