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Hosting/Infrastructure as a Service Solutions

If your organisation has limited capital available to invest in your IT infrastructure, or limited in-house skills to maintain it, then IaaS offers an alternative solution.

EACS provides a fully hosted IT environment, with all applications delivered as a service via the Internet. We have a server farm at a datacentre in London - a facility designed to host up to 100% of all the applications systems used by clients. Connectivity to the data centre is highly resilient, allowing users to access their systems from any internet connection without the need for complex pre-deployed client software.


  • Access applications securely from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Minimise capital expenditure on IT infrastructure and ongoing maintenance
  • No need to retain specialist IT staff
  • Predictable and controllable IT spend

Let EACS help you realise the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your IT infrastructure all along.

What Next?

Contact us if you need help with your IT and are looking for a fixed cost, flexible solution.
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