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It goes without saying that your key business data needs to be protected and recoverable in a timely and effective manner. Use of raid technology in disk arrays and backing up to tape for offsite storage should be the minimum level of protection your business demands. Increasingly, this level of protection alone is unacceptable from the perspective of auditors and insurance companies and does little to enhance your business competitiveness.

EACS provides both traditional storage and backup solutions that range from individual tape drives to large scale libraries as well as protected disk storage in Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) format.

What really adds value and efficiency to your business is the deployment of effective software on these traditional and newer hardware platforms.
  • Snapshotting technologies enable rapid recovery of data from multiple point in time copies without the involvement of the IT department, allowing end users to be more productive and your business more responsive
  • Off site disk based backup and/or replication of data provides effective protection from local data loss and enables rapid recovery
  • Intelligent backup to disk solutions mean you need only ever do one full backup and thereafter only what has changed
  • System imaging technology helps you to rapidly recover failed system images onto new and different hardware
  • A well planned email archiving solution ensures the system is “compliant” whilst also providing an immediate backup of all emails and the ability to intelligently search the body of emails and attachments


EACS has designed and deployed small and large scale solutions to meet individual customers needs. Our skills and experience with the many pieces of the data protection and recovery jigsaw make us the ideal solution partner to create the perfect data protection picture for you.

Whether you require a simple single site solution, facilities for remote storage of disk based data backup, or a fully managed backup solution where all the headache is taken away from you, EACS has the answer.

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