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Local, Cloud Based & Hybrid Email Management Solutions

The modern business relies heavily on e-mail to enable communication between staff, as well as customers and suppliers. It is therefore imperative to maintain control over these emails, to ensure they are valid and uncompromised and to be able to perform searches for legal and compliance requirements as much as it’s required to maintain email system availability at all times.

Email management challenges include:
  • Compliance – Regulatory, legal and HR requirements to maintain and verify messages
  • Malware – Preventing malicious content reaching your systems
  • Continuity – Maintaining email flow when systems or services fail
  • Storage – Controlling the spiralling costs of storing and managing more and more mail data
  • Image – Presenting a consistent corporate identity to external mail recipients
EACS design and implement solutions to deal with these and other email challenges for companies of all sizes whether they have local mail servers, cloud based services or hybrid systems for their email.

We partner with Microsoft, Sophos, Mimecast, Forcepoint and C2C to build solutions to fit your requirements for email management.

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EACS on LinkedIn EACS on Twitter EACS on YouTube EACS on Facebook EACS on Goolge+ EACS on Pinpoint