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Server Virtualisation & Consolidation Solutions

Server sprawl is a common issue found in many businesses today due to our increasing reliance on information technology. It is caused by the tendency to install applications on separate physical machines in order to avoid conflict, which leads to a relatively low level of average CPU utilisation, often less than 10%.

Virtualisation is being used extensively to consolidate the physical servers created by “server sprawl” onto a much smaller physical footprint generating significant hardware, administration and power savings for many businesses throughout the world.

Server consolidation savings alone are enough to generate a healthy return on investment for almost all virtualisation projects but, since virtual machines are encapsulated into files, making it possible to rapidly save, copy and provision a virtual machine, they present a whole set of extremely cost effective business continuity and disaster recovery possibilities. Full systems (fully configured applications, operating systems, BIOS and virtual hardware) can be moved, within seconds, from one physical server to another for zero-downtime maintenance and continuous workload consolidation.

EACS won the Datacentre Solution of the Year category at the European IT Excellence Awards. This was for a virtualised infrastructure solution, using technologies from VMware and NetApp, which was deployed at The East of England Co-operative Society. EACS worked with the Society to reduce their servers by almost 90%, with a projected cost saving of £188,840 and energy savings of 227,292 kWh over the next 4 years. The Society now has a highly resilient solution with complete site failover of IT services from the head office site to the DR site and substantially simplified infrastructure management.

The EACS Infrastructure team has extensive experience deploying solutions in a variety of industries. If you would like to work with an award winning company to ensure your systems enable you to achieve your business and IT goals, then contact EACS.

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