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Current State Assessment

How do you know whether your existing investments in IT are delivering the value that you require? Not knowing what is possible with your current systems and infrastructure can be a seriously limiting factor when trying to deliver efficient IT for your organisation. Whether your systems were implemented in house, or by a third party, EACS provides a comprehensive assessment service designed to uncover all aspects of the configuration and performance.

One area that can benefit greatly from a Current State Assessment is Microsoft System Center. Comprising seven core components and varying in scale from a single server installation to a fully resilient distributed infrastructure, keeping System Center running well can be a daunting proposition. Our consultants can investigate the health of the installed components and provide detailed recommendations on Updates and Hotfixes. Even if the system was installed to Best Practices at the time, EACS consultants continue to gain experience in their respective fields and may be able to identify areas where you can benefit from any improved designs, configuration settings and procedures.

As an example, System Center Configuration Manager is one component that has changed greatly over the years both in the feature set and in the way an implementation will be architected. Can your design be simplified, saving you time and reclaiming server resources? Are you making the most of the content distribution features? Is there a report that can provide the information that you are searching for? Can your Operating System Deployment process be improved? Are you ready for Windows 10? A consultant can examine your SCCM implementation and provide answers to these questions.

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