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IT Systems Management Solutions

A good systems management solution can assist with organisational growth by providing visibility for planning and accelerating deployments. It can also help with reducing costs by removing complexity and allowing you to streamline your processes.

The two biggest concerns for many companies looking at system management solutions are Windows client rollouts and Cloud OS.

Systems Management tools can help you plan a Windows client rollout by answering questions such as:
  • How many PCs do I have?
  • Which ones need more memory?
  • Which ones should be replaced?
  • Who uses which applications?
  • Will the applications work with the new OS?
It will deploy the software as well, including the operating system, applications and patches.

Cloud OS is the art of transforming your datacentre and taking it to the next step beyond virtualisation. The three-stage concept is surprisingly simple:
  1. Put in place a set of tools to manage your virtualised infrastructure, to streamline provisioning, monitoring, backup and compliance
  2. Identify common provisioning and maintenance processes and automate them; creating a centralised repository of repeatable and predictable management tools
  3. Create a service catalogue that your users can access via a web-based self-service portal, to empower them to be able to consume the services they require, on demand, 24x7
Systems such as this are fully ITIL V3 aligned and are intended to reduce complexity and increase predictability. In turn, this accelerates deployments, reduces risk and ultimately reduces operational costs.


EACS has a large specialist technical team which concentrates on the best practice management of IT systems and processes. Our consultants have a wealth of experience working with tools such as the Microsoft System suite, to solve customer challenges around deployment, management and monitoring of client and server systems.

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