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AppSense Security & VDI Desktop Management Solutions

EACS can provide technology solutions from AppSense that enable users to work more efficiently in Citrix and Terminal Server environments. These solutions personalise and optimise virtual and physical user environments.

Remove user complexity

The corporate IT environment is growing more complex by the day, as an explosion of new devices and applications puts increasing pressure on IT teams to control costs and protect sensitive information. The days of a single PC with a limited number of standardised corporate applications have given way to:
  • Rapidly growing use of tablets, smartphones, and other non-traditional devices
  • Increasing use of employee-owned devices for business productivity, even outside of traditional office hours
  • An ever-expanding set of applications, with blurring lines between business and personal use
Each combination of hardware and software utilised by a user to perform their job represents a unique configuration that an IT organisation must provide, manage and secure. For an average enterprise, this amounts to over 1 million unique configurations.

Further complicating matters is the fact that a high percentage of workers are mobile at least some portion of the time, creating additional complexity as IT teams struggle to balance user convenience with information security and IT efficiency.

While traditional desktop management cost measures such as devices, applications, and storage remain constant or drop over time, IT teams are finding themselves buckling under escalating user-related cost and complexity.

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IT budgets are not growing at the same rate as these increasing user demands. In fact, many are shrinking. The only way IT teams can win is by changing the game.

Organisations cannot afford to manage every desktop on a per-device or unique instance basis.  Instead you must manage the user once, across all of the devices and platforms they use.  By shifting IT management focus away from individual devices and to the user, user virtualisation addresses hidden operational costs.

The AppSense User Virtualisation Platform reduces complexity by giving IT teams the tools they need to:
  • Decouple and centralise the ‘digital personality’ of all users
  • Stream targeted personalisation data, including core operating system features and application-level personalisation, on-demand to standardised desktop instances
  • Enable seamless user roaming between physical PCs and virtual desktops
  • Offer users persistent personalisation even as they move between locally-installed, virtualised, and published applications
  • Move users between Windows XP and Windows 7 as required to simplify and accelerate migration plans
  • Provide a consistent, personalised computing experience both online and offline

What Next?

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