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Dell Server Solutions

EACS is a Dell EMC Authorized Partner  - so we can offer our clients more choice and the high level of service they come to expect from EACS with the Dell range of products. EACS and Dell working in tandem gives clients access to the technology, best practices, and support you need to help you manage your IT infrastructure. With proven technology from Dell and the expertise of EACS you will be able to establish a strong IT infrastructure to help move your business forward.

Get IT Faster

The complexity of IT can slow down even the most well run organisation. By speeding up deployment and configuration, you can reclaim wasted time and redirect it toward growing your business.

EACS being a Dell EMC Authorized Partner  means you will save time with solutions that have been rigorously tested before they even leave the factory. EACS will then help you to be up and running faster with our streamlined delivery and on site deployment services. And you’ll be free to truly innovate, every day.

Run IT Better

IT continues to grow in complexity.  EACS can help you understand how to take advantage of the latest technology from Dell.

With up to date information available from our Dell and Services team’s EACS will make IT more manageable, making it easier for you to proactively perform system maintenance and support.

Grow IT Smarter

You want your business to keep growing. But without a plan to manage that growth, you could suffer from increasing complexity not to mention cost.

EACS using Dell technology can provide that plan. We listen to your needs and provide a practical answer - one that doesn’t lock you in with proprietary technologies but frees you to focus on the growth of your business.

EACS is focused on a complete range of Dell solutions that help enterprise customers reach TCO and ROI goals - technology, services, perspectives, resources and information that address all the needs of our enterprise customers.

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