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Optimising the way applications are delivered and managed has been an ongoing challenge in enterprise IT and the variety of approaches over the years have been received with varying degrees of success. While every method has pros and cons, some of the most stubborn issues include time-to-deliver, application conflicts, plug-ins and licensing. The too-frequent result is high IT overhead, too many gold images and excess spending on application licenses.
FSLogix solutions enable the enterprise virtual workspace, reducing the amount of hardware, time and labour required to support cloud and virtual desktops. They provide a single, unified approach to image management, profile access, and application provisioning across all your Windows based infrastructure.
The FSLogix File System Driver can hide or redirect any file/folder/registry key and hide any printer. It has many capabilities, but it’s main focus is to:

  • Massively reduce the number of Windows gold images

  • Easily manage per-user applications

  • Optimise licenses while assuring compliance

  • Eliminate some of the biggest VDI/RDSH problems around application deployment, managing Java versions and profiles

It can solve the following issues:

  1. Install multiple versions of apps such as Microsoft Office on the same image to support legacy apps

  2. License Visio/Project Adobe correctly in a Virtual Desktop Environment

  3. Allows Exchange Online / Office 365  to be used on virtual desktops without impacting performance

  4. Run multiple versions of Java, selected on URL and application name

  5. Manage Office and browser plug-ins, simply, effectively and with very little management

  6. Reduce the number of XenApp/XenDesktop/View gold images down to a minimum.


WHITEPAPER: FSLogix Apps for Citrix AppDisk Reference Architecture

Citrix AppDisk, when integrated with FSLogix Apps, provides a unique set of features that can improve end-user productivity, reduce IT overhead and lower the cost of desktop management.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

EACS is a certified FSLogix partner, contact us for further information.

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