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IGEL Thin Client Software & Hardware Solutions 

IGEL Technology – More than 20 Years of Thin Client Expertise

IGEL delivers powerful unified endpoint management (UEM) software that is revolutionary in its simplicity and purpose-built for the enterprise. The company’s world-leading products, including the IGEL Universal Management Suite, IGEL OS-powered thin and zero clients, and all-in-one thin client solutions, deliver a smart and secure endpoint management experience that shifts granular control of thin and zero client devices from the end user to IT. This enables enterprises to remotely control all thin client devices from a single dashboard interface. 

Great Security with a Closed System

When it comes to security, IGEL thin clients set the benchmark. Because they have no local hard drives, they cannot be infected with viruses. Having no local hard drives also means that users are not able to locally install programs on their units. The USB ports can be selectively enabled to accept only certain peripheral devices. All IGEL thin clients support smartcard readers for secure two-factor authentication, personalisation solutions or single sign-on (SSO) as well as selected USB token solutions.

Easy and Convenient to Use: Outstanding Design and Ergonomics

IGEL Universal Desktops not only offer outstanding design and appearance but also exceptional user ergonomics. The state-of-the-art housings allow the IGEL thin clients to complement their surroundings and, in particular, fit right in for POS use. They have neither cooling fans nor local hard drives. As a result, they produce no noticeable background noise and produce minimal heat.


Case Study: EACS and IGEL Help Nippon Express Deliver in its Global Logistics Business
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