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Signify Secure Authentication 

EACS offers Secure Authentication and Identity Management services from Signify, which let you positively identify your staff, clients and other individuals who need authorised access to your sensitive systems. 

The more you open up your networks to Internet or wireless connections, the more you rely on digital identities to differentiate trusted users from the rest, yet this identity is so often based on a weak and insecure foundation: the password.

Signify's solutions make it quick, easy and affordable to combat Identity Theft by eliminating vulnerable passwords from all your systems whether you have 5 or 5,000+ users.

Why Signify?

Signify Identity ManagementThe benefits of the Signify service:

Signify provides a high quality two-factor authentication service - but why should you choose Signify to help secure your network?

We understand that many organisations will be wary of using an external organisation to provide security for them - will it be secure? Will it be as reliable as if my internal team built a set of servers and defined its own processes etc?

Guaranteed Reliability:
  • SLA backed service
  • 99.999% service availability
  • Distributed and resilient infrastructure
  • Proven 12 year track record of delivering 2FA
Proven Security:
  • Infrastructure designed and managed with security in mind
  • Uses the market leading RSA SecurID token
  • Secure web portal administration
  • Independent authentication specialists
Flexible to Your Requirements:
  • Secure multiple different access points with one 2FA service
  • Combine token and tokenless services
  • Scalable - 5 - 5,000+ users
  • Choice of token provisioning
Quick and Easy to Use:
  • Deploy a new 2FA solution in days
  • Compatible with all leading VPNs, firewalls and webservers
  • No new hardware or software required
The Signify service portfolio includes: You can deploy a mix of these services across your entire user community to match each user's working patterns and access privileges.

Integrates easily into all your systems - It's simple to integrate Signify secure authentication into all your access systems: IPSEC & SSL VPNs, Citrix, Web Portals and Extranets, and Signify can also replace weak passwords for secure login to your Windows PC and networks.

It takes more than just technology - Secure identity and managed authentication takes more than just technology: Signify's unique Identity Management Centre (IMC) implements policy-based procedures, automated logistics and self-service user helpdesk services to cut your support overheads and ensure that your users' on-line identities are secure and can be trusted at all times.

By managing all the technical and logistical issues involved in deploying secure digital identities to your extended user community; Signify makes it simple and affordable for organisations of all sizes to adopt corporate strength authentication to control access to critical on-line information.

To hear more about the Signify products and technologies we offer contact us.


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