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Apple Services
Choosing Windows or Mac for your client devices need not be an either-or decision, as many organisations now run a mixed estate. However, if you do have Apple Mac systems, they are typically unmanaged.

EACS specialises in the management and support of your entire IT estate and has a dedicated team of Apple Mac specialists offering a number of services:
We are experienced in rolling out desktops, laptops or terminals to user bases from single figures to thousands. Working in partnership with our customers from the very earliest stages, we help guide the planning, the preparation of machine images and understand business and user needs and priorities. Using tools such as Parallels Mac Management and Microsoft Intune, we will greatly simplify the deployment of your devices.
Management and Control
There are many options for the ongoing management of your Mac estate. EACS can help you choose an integrated tool to lower the administrative overhead by using the same consoles for Windows and Mac clients.

Apple devices can be integrated into your existing Windows environment, simplifying services such as authentication, file sharing and printing.
Keeping track of your valuable assets is extremely important, especially when IT equipment often carries sensitive data. EACS can include asset management with our deployment and device management services.
Lifecycle Management
We can also supply a wide range of Apple devices. With payment options including lease with a monthly subscription, we can provide all of the above services to give you a fully managed device.
Secure Disposal
As well as the supply, deployment and management of your devices, it is equally important that they are disposed of securely at the end of their life. EACS can assist with all aspects of the disposal or recycling of a device.
We provide a full range of support options to supplement the above services. These include telephone support, repairs and loan equipment.

Case Study: Managing a Mixed Windows and Mac OS Estate for a Medical Research Organisation

From supply to deployment, management and support, EACS will help you seamlessly integrate Apple devices into your organisation. Contact us for further information.  

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