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Business Intelligence

As Business Intelligence continues to play a more active part in strategic decision making, it is crucial that organisations have visibility of the information they need, which is often buried somewhere in the depths of an internal database.
EACS can assist you with this challenge by crafting reports and dashboards that make sense of your big data sources, allowing you to understand the data in your systems at a glance. This can be achieved in one of two ways – either a dedicated resource working on-site, or a remote resource with knowledge of the environment and agreed protocols that can be called upon to develop or maintain the systems on demand.
In addition to report and dashboard creation services, EACS offers a full business intelligence tool – Vector24. This enables you to collate your data into actionable intelligence making it simple to find, centralise and understand.
Vector24 derives intuitive business insights from your existing information, by centralising your organisation’s application data and spreadsheets into one location. Visualisation technology allows business users to interact with the data to derive meaning and value from information in seconds, not hours. Vector24 also enables you to offer different access rights depending on the user’s role, meaning you can choose to share access to particular reports and information with your clients, your business users and your IT teams alike.

 If you would like to find out how EACS can help you get insights from your data, please contact us.
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