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IT Disposal & Asset Recovery Services

EACS IT Disposal and Asset Recovery Services are focused on generating value from used IT for our clients and creating an environmentally sustainable computer disposal solution for anything unsuitable for reuse.

All businesses have policies that require responsible electronics recycling and in Europe this is regulated by the WEEE Directive.

Government bodies like the Environment Agency are struggling to implement effective policing and unethical recyclers are taking advantage by making promises they have no intention of keeping.

EACS has established a fully compliant solution that meets with the industry’s highest standards for sustainable electronic recycling - standards that fully protect our customers and the environment.

Monitoring IT asset disposal,  is an opportunity to deliver a robust compliance program that positively contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Computing targets.

EACS offers a fully licensed secure IT Asset Disposal and WEEE solution. Operating a de-manufacturing process separates equipment into raw material streams that are further refined for re-entry into the manufacturing lifecycle through certified specialist recycling partners.

Recycling old computers is no longer about scrapping the devices or just diverting the waste from landfill. IT recycling is about maximising revenue returns, controlling and managing risk, ensuring all security aspects of the service are secure and approved. We ensure our customers  receive a quality service, that they feel secure and that they have a trusted partner who will guide them through the legal and environmental compliance issues that need to be adhered to in this ever changing market.

EACS  offers the following services:
  • Secure collections with SC cleared staff
  • Secure Data Wiping both onsite and offsite
  • Secure Shredding of media both onsite and offsite
  • Data Centre Decommissioning Solutions
  • Data Centre cleaning services
  • Purchase and valuation services of redundant equipment
EACS manages the complete IT disposal process; from the logistical management of a collection, technical processing and secure data destruction, through to testing and assessment for the resale of used IT equipment and final recycling of unusable equipment.

Every Computer disposed of is individually managed, tracked and can be reported on at item level. The stages through the process include electrical safety testing to verify that used PCs are safe to connect to mains power, diagnostic software to test the functionality of parts and components and data eradication software approved to HMG Security Services CESG standards to remove all data including licensed software.

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