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Training Background

We supply quality training solutions to clients on all aspects of IT. Over the last decade, information technology has become the dependable backbone of almost every business. Like any other business investment, the expectation is that it will deliver business benefits to you. However with IT, these benefits only come from skilled staff knowing how to use the tools properly.
 We work in partnership with our customers to deliver flexibility, value and service on all your IT related training needs.                             

The range of training we offer is unlimited. As an independent supplier we source all types of courses from various partners giving you more choice and flexibility.
We can provide a complementary service to your own HR and L&D department working together to deliver the right training solution.

Not just IT training – training for IT professionals

IT professionals need more than just technology skills. So, in addition to our wide range of technical and IT courses, we also offer training on essential complementary skills, such as project management, service management, web development, customer service, personal development and many more.

Our training services

Whether you are looking for an individual course or a full certification programme, we offer a complete range of business and IT training, including official courses from professional bodies and leading vendors like Microsoft.

Our service is designed with customers in mind, resulting in effective and convenient training.  Flexible and tailored learning programmes are offered through classroom led instructor based courses, tailored in-house training onsite or offsite and virtual learning providing a collaborative learning experience, enabling our customers to choose when, where, and how they want to access training programmes and learning interventions.

Our approach is to ensure that content reflects the changes in learner and business requirements. Learners and HR are beginning to question the efficiency of traditional forms of education. No longer focusing on traditional training activities which are timely and cost effective, the market place is now demanding learning which can be flexible, relevant and apply context to their organisations’ required outcomes.


Flexibility should be the central pillar to a training programme. For this reason our unique Training Passports were developed, offering customers flexibility over time. Our Training Passports do not expire, giving you time to plan alongside your business and develop a learning path that allows you to maximise your current technology investments, whilst planning and developing skills for the future.

Check out our training portfolio here

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