Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for the community we live in, our customers, and colleagues is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

For over 25 years, eacs has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to operating as a socially responsible business and an ethical employer and we recognise the active role we can play in helping to build happier and healthier communities.

Behaving responsibly as a global citizen is an inextricable part of our heritage, and at eacs, we uphold the highest ideals of integrity, innovation and excellence in all we do. By strategically transforming our business, we have positioned ourselves for sustained success. Read on to see how we continue to help people, communities and the planet to grow and thrive.

Also Learn how we plan to deliver on our commitments and give back to the world in which we live and work by reading the 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, an overview of our Corporate Social Responsibility priorities, goals and progress.

CSR Statement

Kevin Timms


It is important that all business looks to do what it can to help the society in which it works and the world which supports us all.  Here at eacs was take our role in doing what we can, extremely seriously.  We therefore look to our Partners and our Clients for support and innovation.  We believe that by thinking outside of the box we can all make a difference.  It is quite simply, if everyone did their bit and a little bit more- it would be transformational.


eacs made the conscious decision to survey the staff and ask them who they believed as business we should choose as our nominated charities for the next 12 months. It proved to be a very difficult decision as there were a number of very worthy causes nominated, however after careful deliberation by the Social & Charities Committee it was agreed that we would commit to support the following charities:

East Anglia Children’s Hospice Macmillan Cancer research

Read more about what we are doing, and learn more about the charities we have chosen.



The whole team at eacs has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months and has done an incredible job over such a short time. From a business which had limited strategy and direction, it has now been transformed into a business which has a clear direction which is underpinned by a 3-year strategic vision. Through clear direction and leadership, the whole business has fully invested in what we are trying to achieve and have got behind the ideas and processes we have implemented.