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Close Proximity Trading Recovery

Close Proximity Trading Recovery

EACS has a close proximity specialist trading environment and from there, we ensure your team has maximum opportunity to return to trading as soon as possible.


Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity planning designed to ensure companies can continue to serve clients when disaster strikes

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Private Cloud Hosting, Virtual Desktops, 
Backups and Security, Email Archiving and Hosted IP Telephony

Close Proximity Trading Recovery

We realise that for many financial institutions, your trading environment is one of the most crucial operating functions within your business. EACS understands that, in the event of a Disaster Recovery invocation, it is paramount to re-establish operations as soon as possible.

EACS has a close proximity specialist trading environment and from there, we ensure your team has maximum opportunity to return to trading as soon as possible.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning is designed to ensure companies can continue to serve their clients when a disaster strikes without warning, both during and after it has occurred.

EACS has a focus on providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services niche to the London-based financial services sector. EACS helps many financial businesses establish their Business Continuity or pull their current Disaster Recovery provisions in line with FCA regulation.

Unlike many of our competitors, we combine the understanding of banking and IT specifically for the benefit of financial organisations in and around the City of London.

With increasingly strict regulatory requirements from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), EACS provide active solutions to help prepare for Business Continuity. When implemented successfully, a good Business Continuity Plan can prove to be a marketable asset, rather than an operational hindrance.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing has become a major business trend, with more and more organisations taking the leap from traditional storage methods to moving data to the cloud.

The term ‘cloud’ has been a buzzword in business technology spheres for some time now. But despite this, there remains confusion amongst business leaders and decision makers as to exactly what it is and how it can benefit a company’s operations. EACS understand this, and through our service we will assist you every step of the way.

The EACS Cloud Offering:

    • Private Cloud Hosting
    • Virtual Desktops
    • Backups and Security
    • Email Archiving
    • Hosted IP Telephony

What are the benefits of EACS Cloud services?

    • Minimal setup costs
    • Flexibility
    • Scalability
    • Suitable for businesses of any size, from start-ups to growing SMEs and larger organisations
    • No need for expensive software or high-end hardware
    • New applications can be implemented quickly and easily

In addition to those listed above, EACS can host your IT infrastructure offsite in our secure data centre, a service that is provided on a monthly retainer basis depending on how many users you have.

If you require more help and assistance evaluating the right cloud services solution for you, contact one of the EACS consultants today


Focused on the Financial Services Sector

EACS provides appropriately niche, fully managed, end-to-end IT services specifically for the London financial services sector

Tailored Solutions

Although many regulated companies have similarities, each is unique. EACS works hard to create specialised solutions, bespoke to each client, without the associated overwhelming price tag.

Aggressive SLAs & Response Times

EACS wholly understands the pressures of the financial services industry and offers robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to reassure customers. Located moments from The City, our close proximity to clients allows for an accelerated response time.

Outstanding Customer Referral Rate
EACS comes highly recommended by our existing clients. We have numerous case studies to demonstrate their satisfaction.

Case Studies:

Recovery Site Locations

EACS is able to offer both contended and dedicated work area recovery positions close to Bank underground. Please contact us for more information.