Customised Training Courses


Course Day Rates

£850 per day
(Assuming max 5 Delegates)

Course Development Rate

£200 per day
(Assume 1 day of development per hour of delivered materal)

Special Offer


Sometimes you need to run a course in a hurry, or have a large number of staff to get up to speed on a particular subject, or need to cover a subject that is not "off-the-shelf".

This is where EACS can help you with writing and running a customised course.


EACS designs and writes it's own courses with material taken from our own real-world, practical experience.

Where do you start? Easy! Just call us for an informal chat about your needs. We take a very practical and down-to-earth approach to training and will wherever possible re-use pre-existing material to create your course.

Where this is not possible, or new material is needed to be created, we will assess if the subject matter is of interest to other customers. If so, we may decide to develop it for free as we can use it elsewhere.

If however the material is confidential, or of little interest to other parties, then we will need to develop the training material which will be chargable in addition to the course running fees.

  • We take an informal brief of your requirements
  • Assess how much material is "off-the-shelf" or can be recycled.
  • Advise on material that will need to be custom-written
  • Write an informal outline of the course along with a fixed-priced quote.

Up to this point there is no obligation or cost to yourselves. If however you wish to go ahead, we will take a formal brief and a purchase order and start preparing the material ready for delivery.

On-Site or at our Training Centre?

The choice is yours, depending on the location of your staff, we can discuss the merits and cost-effectiveness of running the cousre at one of our training centres, or at your premises or local conference centre.

Collateral and Free On-Going Support

We firmly believe that our courses should be a “Password to Learning”. For this reason, we will provide 3 months free eMail and Skype technical support to the delegates to assist in them applying their new-learnt skills.