eacs is proud to be able to work and collaborate with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking vendors of technology products in the world. All of our partners are proven experts in their field and work closely with the eacs team to ensure that we able to meet the needs and requirements of all of our customers.

Hybrid Cloud

IT leaders are under ever increasing pressure to do more with less money. Being constantly bombarded by outside influences such as partners, vendors, industry forums and industry analysts all saying that the time is right to move to the cloud. It is easy to be lured with the quick wins that the Cloud promises, such as:

  • ‘rapid return on investment’,
  • ‘you only pay for what you use’,
  • ‘flexible and scalable’,
  • ‘you don’t have to worry about security’,
  • ‘it’s all managed for you so you can concentrate on strategy’.

The reality can be somewhat different. There is a vast array of service providers to choose from and all promise the highest levels of availability, security and performance. It’s a major undertaking for anyone to review the market offerings and to assess costs and the level of risk associated with a move to the Cloud. This is why eacs only work the most trusted providers of developers of Cloud and Hybrid cloud products such as Microsoft, NetApp, Veeam. To read more about our Cloud partners visit our hybrid cloud partner page here.

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is ever changing and evolving, and businesses are being challenged to ensure that staff are able to work securely and effectively regardless of where they are allocated. Through our partner eco-system eacs is able to provide a wide selection of solutions and offerings that provide both the flexibility and security that business need to support the Modern Workplace. Read more about our partner network here.



Security is the first consideration now for any business. This is why eacs only works with the best-in-class technology partners within this space. Woking closely with our own Security Practice, partners such as Sophos, Mimecast and Cymulate ensure that we are able to provide a comprehensive list of flexible security solutions that will meet even the most stringent security and legislative requirements. Rest assured - you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the experts at hand.

To read about our expert partners click here.


Framework arrangements are becoming more popular within the Public Sector as they represent a 'smarter' way of purchasing rather than placing 'one-off' orders.

As Public Sector resource diminishes, utilising a framework can save significant time and money, whilst still delivering a service specified to local requirements, and supporting local decision making and accountability. It will also help businesses build long term relationships between buyers and suppliers providing stronger long-term value and reduced overall procurement costs.

Purchasing through a framework provides the purchasing authority with the confidence that the solution and/or service being provided is of the requisite standard and will be delivered in line with industry best practice. Finally, purchasing through the appropriate framework will align the procurement process with government efficiency agendas and will meet the expectations of any legislative and public sector auditing bodies