NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Digital Workplace Solutions Framework


eacs is proud to be an accredited supplier to Shared Business Services Digital Workplace Solutions Framework. eacs has a rich history of providing innovative technology solutions to public sector agencies and departments that have returned real-time financial and efficiency savings.

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Scope of the framework

Services Cyber Security Modern Workplace Hyvrid Cloud Cyber Security Modern Workplace Modern Workplace Modern Workplace Managed Services Modern Workplace Apps & Data Modern Workplace Apple Services Modern Workplace

Shared Business Services Digital Workplace Solutions Framework has been specifically designed to provide a fully compliant, flexible procurement mechanism for any public sector organisation who is registered on the Shared Business Services Frameworks.

Using our experience and proven skills eacs is able to help public sector organisations maximise the potential available to them through the framework to implement new, more effective ways of working, raise employee engagement and agility as well better exploiting consumer-oriented styles and technologies

eacs has wide range of services that can be delivered simply and efficiently through the framework

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Over the last decade, we've witnessed the introduction of technology that enables organisations, both private and public, to automate traditional functions and manual tasks. In this e-book, Digital Workforce and eacs address the ways these innovative health systems and hospital have streamlined their way of working by augmenting their existing human workforce with digital workers - often with remarkable results.

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