Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Statement

It is our policy to conduct all our business in an honest and ethical manner. The anti-bribery and corruption compliance function is independent and reports directly to the Board from whom it gets its authority. EACS takes a zero-tolerance approach to Bribery and Corruption and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery.

We will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

The Company is committed to:

  • ensuring that all employees and partner organisations fully support the prohibition of bribery and corruption.
  • ensuring that that our suppliers, partners and customers all suppliers and partners to work towards and uphold similar ethical and moral standards;
  • ensuring that the anti-bribery management system, including policy and objectives, is established, implemented, maintained and reviewed to adequately address the organization’s bribery risks;
  • ensuring the integration of the anti-bribery management system requirements into the organization’s processes;
  • deploying adequate and appropriate resources for the effective operation of the anti-bribery management system;
  • communicating internally and externally regarding the anti-bribery policy, including the provision of training where appropriate and necessary;
  • communicating internally the importance of effective anti-bribery management and of conforming to the anti-bribery management system requirements;
  • directing and supporting personnel to contribute to the effectiveness of the anti-bribery management system;
  • promoting an appropriate anti-bribery culture within the organization;

Chief Executive Officer
1st May 2019