Business Continuity Policy Statement

To ensure the effective availability of essential products and services, EACS has raised this Business Continuity Policy in support of a comprehensive program for business continuity, disaster prevention and total business recovery.

We have implemented and maintain a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) to ensure business continuity in compliance with ISO 22301 to:

  • Enable us to support and respond to our customers’ requirements effectively in the event of a disruptive incident;
  • Ensure the Company is sufficiently resilient to minimise the impact of disruptive events on the priority products and services identified in the Context of the Organisation section of this document;
  • Ensure that the company is able to restore priority products, services and related operations within the approved Recovery Time Objectives [RTOs] and Minimum Business Continuity Objectives [MBCOs] contained in the Business Continuity Business Impact Assessment [BIA].

EACS is committed to working in partnership with its customers, employees, stakeholders and suppliers to satisfy all applicable requirements. We are also committed to maintain compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory obligations and continual improvement of the BCMS.

It is our policy to:

  • Ensure that we are able to continue to support and respond to our customers effectively in the event of a disruptive incident;
  • Ensure that objectives and targets are established and achieved for the BCMS, which are compatible with the risk management strategy and risk appetite of the organisation.
  • Ensure the integration of the BCMS requirements into our relevant business processes.
  • Ensure that the resources needed for the BCMS are available when required.
  • Communicate the importance of effective business continuity management and conformance to BCMS requirements.
  • Ensure that the BCMS achieves its intended outcomes.
  • Direct and support employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the BCMS.

Chief Executive Officer
21st October 2019