We can help you maximise the value of your data to transform your business

In the modern workplace businesses need to maximise the analytical potential of the data they hold, and our experience in leveraging the power and capabilities of power apps can help you quickly solve business problems, improve efficiency and achieve real cost benefits – all achieved using real time data. Our Power BI services will help you understand how your data can help provide you with simple easy to understand dashboards and reports that will ensure you are able to drive improvements and make business critical decisions based on facts and not assumptions.

The Power Platform

Whether it’s customer analysis, business reporting or even budgeting for the future, eacs can help. With The Power Platform, we provide the following services alongside on-going support from our team of experts.

Power BI

Power BI

Understanding the data that you have about your business is more critical now than ever to ensure the success of an organisation and give them an advantage over the competition. Our suite of business analytics tools makes it easy to analyse and gain powerful insights from your data and we provide support and flexible solutions to suit your needs.

power apps
Power Apps

Power Apps

eacs and Power Apps enables small and medium sized businesses to utilise the best technology from the biggest companies around the world or build their own apps that solve their unique business challenges quickly and provide a valuable return on investment. With best-in-class security and easy integration across different platforms and technologies, eacs help turn your ideas into a reality with cost-effective solutions that solve your business problems.

power automate1
Power Automate

Power Automate

Whether it be complex approval systems or simple alerts to the correct people when necessary, eacs and Power Automate can build custom workflows to vastly increase efficiency and remove the risk of human error.

Power Virtual Agents
Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents

With Power Virtual Agents (better known as chat bots), eacs can develop advanced automated agents which guide your customers through the correct channels and answer any general questions they have before passing these queries over to your in-house support teams for a more personalised service if needed.

Benefits of The Power Platform


Build apps without risks

Improve processes without compromising your security and compliance standards

Mobile ready

It’s always frustrating when an app looks good on a laptop screen but doesn’t have the same effect on mobile devices. The Power Platform makes it easy to create mobile friendly versions allowing for easy use for customers on the go

Quick deployment

Agile deployment allowing for fast delivery of value with constantly evolving features

Infuse AL to add powerful in-app intelligence

Automate manual processes allowing users to leverage data and discover actionable insights

Drive productivity

Microsoft report that organisations see an average of 3.2 hours a week improvement in employee productivity

Data Intelligence

Data is an underutilised asset for many organisations and we can help you understand the data you possess and use it to drive improvements in all areas to increase your productivity.


Why eacs Apps & Data Services?

Proper use of Apps and data are crucial to gain the upper hand over the competition, from better decision making to boosting business productivity and eacs is the experts in guiding small and medium sized organisations towards a more efficient data solution, all without breaking the bank to pay for it. Get in touch to get started on your data journey today.

If you would like to discuss your project and how to access assistance from our experienced team, call: 0800 8047 236.