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Experts in supplying and supporting hardware and software

Selecting the right hardware and software for your business can be a challenge. eacs provides access to a wide range of products at the right price, supporting business operations from the end user to the datacentre. We make your procurement easy with our online procurement portal, expert advice, next day delivery services and access to all major vendors.

eacs have access to a number of different vendors, and a dedicated hardware and software team who can advice you on upgrades, licensing options, and help you with renewals. We have experience managing the software and hardware from a number of different industry sectors in both the public and private sectors.

Hardware Products

From end user devices and peripherals, to servers, storage and networking equipment, we offer a full range of hardware from all major vendors. This includes: Apple, Dell, FSLogix, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, IGEL, Lenovo, NetApp, Nimble Storage, Nutanix, NVidia, Pure Storage and Toshiba.

Data Management Solutions

Are you looking for a new storage solution, but don’t have the time to search through articles, reviews and product specifications? We know that data management solutions are diverse, and so is the process of assessing your needs.

Introducing a fast self-assessment tool

Three minutes. Six questions. With our new self-assessment tool, it’s now easy for you to find your next storage solution:

  • You’ll be recommended the best-fit data management solutions – all based on your business needs.
  • You’ll receive access to relevant information and resources that will help you in shaping your decision.
  • You’ll benefit from a more focused conversation with our team, for further advice, when you are ready.

We have years of expertise and a proven history of implementing cost-effective IT solutions. With just three minutes of your time, we could help you discover your next storage solution and support your overall business productivity.

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Software & Renewal

We provide a complete range of software products from: Cireson, Citrix, Dark Trace, Ivanti, Menlo, Microsoft, Mimecast, Sophos, Veeam, VMware, plus many more.

Our team can advise you on software upgrades and licensing options, as well as managing your renewal process. Having the correct licensing scheme can save your business money and our specialists enjoy the challenge of trying to improve on your existing agreements.

Procurement Portal - eacs Selector

Selector is an ecommerce platform designed to drive efficiencies within your IT procurement strategy. It allows you to browse, compare products, obtain quotes, check availability and purchase hardware, 24 hours a day. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive product catalogue you can access real-time distribution feeds showing thousands of in-stock products from all the major IT vendors providing you with the best price at the click of a button.

Selector enables you to simplify everyday product orders and streamline your hardware lifecycle management. It is backed by the eacs Operations team, who are on hand if you need any additional support during your purchase process.

Lifecycle Management

We can manage the complete lifecycle of all your devices. Starting with providing you with a variety of purchasing options, such as finance and leasing, we can then assist you with provisioning and commissioning, providing ongoing management and maintenance and finally safe and secure disposal.

Benefits of Hardware and Software Services


Reduced Expense

You won’t have to invest heavily upfront for your next hardware and software upgrades. A fixed monthly cost makes your technology expenses budgetable.


Proactive Approach

Not only does our service include repair or replacement of broken hardware, but also timely upgrades to your latest technology.


Better Troubleshooting and Maintenance

We provide on-going support and contact to ensure the best operating practices are used with your hardware and software.



As your organisation grows, so will your technology needs. With our services we can adapt to your changing business environment.



Network security at times requires both hardware and software updates. With our services it is easy to upgrade to the latest hardware and software.

Why eacs for your Hardware and Software products?

Our dedicated software and hardware team helps you look over your options, and choose the right products for your organisation. We have over 23 years in providing practical assistance with the procurement and lifecycle management of your devices, in a cost effective manner.

Call eacs on: 0800 8047 256 for further information on how we can drive efficiencies in your procurement process.