Fast-track your business with our Cloud Services

The push for cloud computing grows stronger every day and promises many benefits, such as flexibility and scalability. The question is: which IT services should go into the cloud? There is a different answer for every company based on your business model and the sensitivity of your data.

Our cloud and virtual services are designed to help you understand and realise the benefits these solutions can bring to your business. We offer public, private and hybrid cloud solutions and will guide you towards the option that is the best fit for you, before assisting with your transition to a new platform through planning, implementation and support.

Journey to the Cloud

Our Cloud Planning and Readiness Assessment services analyse your organisation’s IT usage and the suitability of different cloud options. We work with you to understand your business strategy and review your underlying architecture and applications assessing the suitability of a move to the cloud.

You receive a report and our professional recommendation of a migration path that matches your business strategy and ensures cost savings and competitive advantage are maintained. We will state the costs of running the existing environment and compare this with a cloud-based service, including implementation and support costs.

Optimise Virtual Workspace Solution

Do you urgently need:

  • Secure remote access to MSOffice and files without the expense of a full VDI deployment?
  • Secure remote access without buying a device or a VDI solution?
  • Secure remote working in a hurry and don’t have a remote access infrastructure?

If the answer to one or all of these questions is YES, then the eacs Optimise Virtual Workspace Solution is for you.  

eacs is offering:

a free trial for up to 5 users for 48 hours.


deployment at a fixed cost & fully functional within 24hours

Optimise Virtual Workspace provides businesses with secure remote access to MS Office and their corporate files regardless of whether they are cloud based or on-premise.  It can be created from ANY device, anywhere, and set up and operating within 24 hours. Our solution is ideally suited and designed for home workers who require access to company shared drives and Microsoft Office but don't have a corporate device.  

It will deliver:  

  • Secure Windows 10 desktop complete with AV from Sophos;
  • A configured link back to your corporate LAN;
  • mapped shared drives providing access to file locations;
  • Data is contained within a browser so data NEVER touches the end device and is kept secure;
  • a simple easy to set-up solution - the user will be emailed a link which will allow their desktop to be accessed from any internet connected device from any location;
  • Office hours end user service desk support.

If you are struggling to find a cost-effective secure way to allow your staff to work remotely and still maintain the security and integrity of the data being processed then contact eacs to find out how we can help you. 

    Cloud Migration

    Once you have chosen your cloud solution, the next step is the transition. eacs has considerable experience in assisting organisations with the migration of their applications, data and services into the cloud. Our skilled consultants and project managers will ensure that any migration minimises the impact to the business, all risks are clearly reviewed and identified and that cost efficiencies are realised.

    An eacs Azure Readiness Assessment can give you the jumpstart you need to redefine your business as an agile, cloud-first organisation. eacs has considerable experience in assisting organisations with the migration of their applications, data and services into the cloud. Migration to the cloud can be challenging, whether it's understanding terminology, accurately forecasting costs or working out how to up-skill your team.

    To see how eacs can help, download the Azure Readiness Assessment overview and get in touch to arrange the beginning of your cloud journey.

    Cloud Solutions

    The cloud solutions we offer include:

    Architecture & Planning

    Good IT solutions to business challenges don’t just happen, they need to be planned, designed and executed. We offer the following planning services:

    Project Management

    Whether you want to implement your first server, or migrate an entire corporate infrastructure to a cloud environment, we can help you. The following professional resources are available to assist with the delivery of your projects:

    Veeam Availability Suite

    As part of our hybrid cloud offering, eacs and our partners Veeam is offering a range of products to help protect and enhance your data backups. No matter the size or type of data, our new Availability Suite is here to help.  Click below to view all of our available products and to sign up for a demo today.


      Why eacs Cloud Services?

      With our number of expert engineers and a proactive approach to cloud services, we make sure that you have support around the clock, 365 days a year from our UK-based operation centres. eacs has experience of working with many organisations in both the private and public sector, and have a number of different accreditations that mean we’re always following best practice for information security.

      Contact eacs today on: 0800 8047 256 and start your journey to the cloud.