Managed services delivered with excellence in mind

Our managed services are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing you to have as little or as much specialist assistance as you wish, depending on your budget, level of IT knowledge and resource availability. We can help you save time by managing your backups, enable you to control your costs via our printing services, or ensure your users remain productive with a managed device solution. At the other end of the scale, many of our clients trust us to provide a fully managed service to give them full IT support.

Whatever option you chose, we will keep your IT systems operational, available, secure and working at optimal performance, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

The world of work has changed.  Traditional support during core hours will not work for the modern working environment and such eacs IT Managed Services is now available 24 hours a day 365 days a year – a true 24/7 service.  As experts in the delivery of IT services to the Mid Market we ensure you stay working and your customers remain your prime focus.

Benefits of 24/7


The always on, always supported modern workplace


Supporting your future growth


Consistent end user experience at any time of day


3rd line support patching out of hours reducing disruption


Helping you support your staff in a better work-life balance by offering flexible working hours

Managed Device Service

A hassle-free way to manage all your organisation’s devices. Whether you have desktops, laptops, tablets or mobiles, we can deploy the operating system and applications to all your devices, as well as ensuring they have the latest software updates and patching, including anti-malware software. Mobile device and application management means you can give your users secure access to data and we are on hand to offer technical support for any issues.

Device As a Service (DaaS)

Enable your workforce to be more productive by providing them with modern, efficient and reliable Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple laptop devices. Device as a Service (DaaS) is a flexible subscription, where you pay a single monthly fee to cover the hardware, security features, support and maintenance of all your devices, turning capital expenditure into more manageable and predictable operational expenditure. As part of the solution, our Service Desk is on hand to assist your users with any technical problems, reducing the risk of any downtime.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Datacentre Services & Hosting

Datacentre Services & Hosting

Datacentre Services & Hosting

Choose whether we manage your own equipment in your datacentre, or host and manage it in our own datacentre or any partners

Application & Infrastructure Maintenance

Application & Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Application & Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Management of your Local Area Network devices and connections, including switches, routers and wireless access points

Managed Backup

Managed Backup

Managed Backup

Backups can be labour intensive, our service is designed to be flexible and cost effective. Data is managed offsite to ensure its security

Managed Network & Wifi

Managed Network & WiFi

Managed Network & WiFi

Including health checks, hotfixes, service packs and other software updates, plus technical consultancy

Managed Security Service

74% of UK businesses say that cyber security is a high priority for their senior management. If you need peace of mind that your business is protected by the latest IT security solutions, following best practice recommendations, we can provide this with our Managed Security Service.

The eacs Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors your organisation’s operational activities and events, 24 hours a day. The latest threats and vulnerabilities are also monitored and responded to accordingly. Features of the service include: patch management, disk/data encryption, anti-virus/anti-malware, anti-ransomware and active threat detection.

Managed Print Service

Increase productivity and take control of your printing costs with our managed print services. For a fixed cost per month, we will remotely monitor all your printers. When consumable supplies, such as ink and toners, run low these will be automatically replaced. We also carry out proactive maintenance and part replacement prior to failure which, along with 24/7 support, means your users will never have the inconvenience of printers being unavailable. Your printer costs become manageable and predictable and, when combined with the reporting and intelligence we provide, you can start to reduce costs.

Managed Support Services

Are you constantly dealing with IT issues? We can take this pain away, allowing you more time to concentrate on strategic projects, with our IT support.
This comprehensive management solution for your IT environment includes access to the eacs Technical Service Desk for second and third line support. We monitor your IT infrastructure and our engineers evaluate and remediate against any issues that arise, minimising the risk of unplanned downtime and ensuring maximum efficiency of your IT systems.
Our IT Services Desk is based in the UK and provides first, second and third line support for both Microsoft and Apple environments. Manned by teams of experienced and qualified technical support engineers, it provides a single point of contact for your questions and issues.

Managed Wide Area Network (WAN)

If your employees can’t access their critical business apps, your business will struggle to grow. If you WAN doesn’t perform well then your business won’t either.

Thanks to our managed WAN services, we can handle you WAN for you so that you can focus where you need to, on your strategic business goals. Our service includes monitoring your WAN systems to complete network management, all to help you deliver better experiences and business results.

Workplace Recovery

eacs is able to provide customers with a cost-effective, flexible Workspace Recovery Solution which enables them to transfer their day to day operations with minimal impact or delay in the event of an emergency.
eacs can offer 2 different solutions:
  • Dedicated Seating – a personally-tailored solution with dedicated industry standard infrastructure which is permanently available for use.
  • Contended Seating – a cost-effective alternative, also personally-tailored, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Both options can be tailored to ensure that they meet any regulatory requirements the customers must fulfil thereby providing them with peace of mind that they can continue to operate in the event of an incident

Why eacs Managed Services?

eacs provides a proactive management of your organisation’s assets to ensure they are offering you a sound investment. We’re an award winning provider of managed services, and have spent over 23 years working with organisations in both the public and private sectors, helping them achieve their goals. We are absolutely committed to providing excellence and ensure a personalised experience that your business can depend on.

Let eacs help you realised the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your computer systems all along. Contact us now!