Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

Dealing with IT for an SME can be challenging, you may face the same issues as larger enterprises but have limited budget and resources available. Depending on your size, you might have a small IT department, or an individual within your business may be looking after your systems at the same time as performing another job role. You need cost effective solutions, which allow you to drive innovation, improve efficiency and grow your business.

IT is constantly changing and you have to adapt and assess the impact of new technologies such as cloud services, mobile devices and apps and social networking.  Yet if you get it right, these technologies can be a key differentiator and enable your organisation to meet its goals. Whether it’s decreasing your costs through the implementation of a virtualised infrastructure, or allowing your business to grow by installing a scalable and flexible solution.

EACS has experience of working with SMEs in many industries such as legal, manufacturing, property, marketing, accountancy, construction, pharmaceutical, electronics, etc.  Below are some of our client case studies which illustrate the challenges organisations like yours are facing and how we helped them to overcome these.

This includes enabling an electronics company to reduce their IT capital expenditure by £20,000 through the implementation of cloud services.  Helping a design and communications agency to focus on delivering increased services to their clients by providing them with managed IT support. Plus, ensuring a property group had a virtualised IT infrastructure which would support an aggressive 3 year growth plan.

Case Studies:

Case Study:

Managed IT Service for a Corporate and Brand Communication Agency

Case Study:

Fully Hosted IT Environment for a Children’s Hospice

Case Study:

A Remote Working Solution For East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

Case Study:

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